10cm poinsettia pots at Lazzeri.Growers review the 2018 Meadow Croft Viola and Pansy Festival

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AHDB review and strategy

BPOA regards the need for ongoing research as paramount and supports the work of AHDB Since the inception of AHDB as the successor to HDC in 2008, BPOA has consistently worked together with AHDB to ensure the continuing flow of research and development to growers. In its submission to the November 2018 DEFRA review of

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Floral Fantasia and the Rudbeckia trial.

Floral Fantasia The new display area at the RHS Hyde Hall garden in Essex has been a popular visit destination in these post-lockdown days.One of the attractions has been the colourful display of ‘Floral Fantasia’ which is incorporating the work of breeders of new pot and bedding plants. This year some of the plants have

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©Argyll College, Lochgilphead

Argyll College is winner of Peter Seabrook Bursary 2020

This year’s bursary winner is the HNC & HND class in horticulture at Argyll College, Lochgilphead (14 students) under the tutelage of Amber Crowley who has made the application on their behalf.They intend to use the bursary to go on a field trip, now delayed to next spring, to visit commercial nurseries. There will be

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Managing pests naturally.

Lovania and IPM In its large scale production of ornamental plants, Lovania Nurseries uses Integrated Pest Management (IPM), managing pests naturally, which is a bio-friendly approach to growing that focuses on managing insects, weeds and disease through a combination of cultural, physical, biological and chemical methods.   These methods need to be cost effective, environmentally friendly and

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Trading priorities: Dealing with the demand post-lockdown and managing business in the ‘new normal’: the latest podcasts.

Encouraged by commentators outside the production industry, we are continuing to tell our story changing trading priorities in this ‘unprecedented’ year and sales season, massively affected by the ramifications of the Covid 19 crisis. Garden Centres have re-opened and those businesses that have managed to continue some trade via direct sales, online sites and local

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Nick Taylor of Ardden Lea Nurseries explains the impact of the sales losses on the business.

Arden Lea giving the campaign a push!

North West News from the BBC on Monday saw a very sad report (unfortunately, being repeated all around the country) from Arden Lea Nurseries in Hesketh Bank, with Nick Taylor stating clearly that the losses they are suffering have been great and will continue at the same level, £250,000, week by week. Please support the

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Recording the podcast

Direct marketing- the answer to all our problems?

This week the first podcast from the BPOA was released into the ether! Why, you may ask when all around are wondering if there will be any plant business….take a listen! https://www.buzzsprout.com/1013431/3402634.mp3 Wayne Brough of AHDB got Martin Emmett of Farplants and Graeme Edwards , Woodlark Nurseries on a ‘Teams’ online meeting to discuss the

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BPOA Spring Conference 2020

Many congratulations to our tremendous group of speakers for this year’s Spring Conference. The theme for the technical conference presentations was pot plant culture. The group of exciting, international speakers dealt with a wide range of topics from Rob van Tol on trapping Western Flower Thrips and the insect’s perception of colour traps to Jane

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Brian Whipker from NCSU describing his plant nutrition trials to BPOA members.

Brian Whipker to open the Spring Conference 2020 on New Concepts in pot plant culture.

Brian will open the conference (BOOKING), in Peterborough, this year with presentations on plant nutrition and growth regulation (Speaker programme). He is well known as a speaker as well as a researcher and extension worker in floriculture and below you can read some more about his main focus in his horticultural career. North Carolina State

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Zuidbaak was showing here the ability to handle packs taken directly from the floor.

Automation Study Tour Holland- September 2019

Following on from the Automation Tour on the 17th & 18th September, I thought it would be good to share some of the automation we’ve seen- Vas. Baas Stand alone packing robot, looked futuristic but was in commissioning phase so we did not get to see it run unfortunately. It should be able to produce

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Home Grown, Great plants, great growers

Home Grown, Great plants, great growers

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