Autumn Events Programme

The current events programme continues the work contracted by AHDB on behalf of growers via the Bedding & Pot Plant Centre. Watch previous webinar recordings below.

Technical Workshops- Managing peat alternatives in ornamentals

Earley Ornamentals, Thirsk –
The new date for this workshop event will be Wednesday 9th February 2022

Hills Plants, Chichester -4th November

Poinsettia Day- Meeting 25th November

The individual invitations with Itinerary and agenda follow:

This is the first in the series of autumn events illustrating the work on IPM under the Bedding and Pot Plant Centre contract with AHDB and is given by ADAS consultants Elysia Bartel and David Talbot with Milena Dicheva of WD Smith offering a commercial perspective on the technical recommendations. The webinar is presented by BPOA with the cooperation of Wayne Brough, Knowledge Transfer Manager of AHDB, ADAS and WD Smith. More information is available at… and here are some tips from the speakers:

Top tip one Put yellow sticky traps into crops as soon as possible. Place them upright for leafhopper and horizontal (sticky side up) for sciarid fly, shore fly and leaf miner. Place the traps facing south and around 10-20cm above the top of the crop canopy to minimise the numbers of biological control agents caught on them.

Top tip two Increase greenhouse temperatures to around 8-10°C for 24 hours during late autumn and winter to encourage caterpillar activity and feeding to improve the efficacy of any applied ingested treatment.

Top tip three Apply bioprotectants, like Dipel DF, early and regularly (up to eight applications per year can be made) to attain control of smaller caterpillars and to ensure all new foliage remains treated. Time sprays to avoid irrigation events which can wash the product off leaves.

BPOA/Bedding and Pot Plant Centre Technical Webinars

These two, hour-long webinars form part of the AHDB-funded Bedding and Pot Plant Centre project output and are facilitated and hosted by the BPOA. To book a place on the webinars please e-mail Please include business name, job role/title and a telephone contact number and the webinars you wish to attend. Confirmation of your booking will be by email. Note that you may not receive a confirmation of your booking immediately as it is not an automated system.

Controlling ‘minor pests’ in IPM programmes

16 September 2021 – 15.00-16.00

The webinar will focus on the pests which can become problematic in integrated pest management (IPM) programmes where broad-spectrum plant protection products are used to a much lesser extent. Discussion will focus on effective caterpillar, leafhopper, leaf miner and sciarid fly control within such programmes.

All these pests can give rise to significant problems if left unchecked, impacting both crop quality and grade out. The webinar will feature presentations from Chloe Whiteside and David Talbot of ADAS Horticulture, along with a relevant grower case study

Getting the best from bioprotectants

21 October 2021 – 15.00-16.00

As the range of available conventional plant protection products diminishes, the need for other effective control measures increases. Bioprotectants, based on micro-organisms, botanicals and semiochemicals, are part of the solution, but their selection and integration are key to getting the best from the various available products. This webinar examines the use and application of bioprotectants within current control programmes. The webinar will feature presentations from Chloe Whiteside and David Talbot of ADAS Horticulture, along with a relevant grower case study

[C] Warwick Plant Centre

BASIS and NRoSO points will be available for both webinars; please supply your details if this is appropriate.


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Home Grown, Great plants, great growers

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