BPOA Spring Conference 2019 – a great success!

BPOA Spring Conference 2019


‘Optimising your own cutting and seedling propagation’

Tuesday 15th January
NFU Agriculture House, Stoneleigh Park


Speakers presentations:

With such a strong collection of speakers and important details to impart it was quite a task for Chris Need and Mike Smith, chairing the sessions, to keep to the schedule and as a result we were a little late in finishing. It was a tribute to the speakers that the room was still full at the end of the afternoon session.
Members are able to read and download all the presentations from the homegrownplants website now. In addition there is an extra presentation designed by Will Healy with ideas for training staff on watering plug trays which will help growers optimising the irrigation of propagation, especially in the early stages of production.
You will need to register as a user/member to be able to download these presentations: see the link for details.

Duncan Taylor retires from committee

After many years of service to the BPOA (and before that to the BBPA!) including a period as chair in 2006 & 2007, Duncan Taylor, of Arden Lea Nurseries, has finally persuaded the committee to accept his resignation, which has been offered previously but never accepted.
We thank him for his unstinting support over many years and have unanimously elected him as an honorary member of the BPOA.

Duncan Taylor retires from the management committee.

Duncan Taylor retires from the management committee.











AGM News

The 2019 AGM was held at the Stratford Manor Hotel and received reports from the chairman, treasurer, technical committee chair, NFU Update and the executive officer. As the meeting was unable to consider changes to the subscription regime, this matter was deferred to a general meeting to be held in June 2019.
Very few changes were made to the committee structure as virtually all members were serving their second year of office having been elected last year. The retirement of Greg Hill, Paul Tyson and Duncan Taylor from the management committee was noted with our thanks and Graeme Edwards was confirmed in his position of chair of the technical committee.