Tracker Update

With many poinsettia crops at or near pinching, now is the time to set up graphical tracking. Graphical tracking allows growers to monitor growth against pre-set growth curves and adjust growing regimes to suit to ensure crops meet target specifications

Finished poinsettia at Pinetops Nursery, Lymington

One tool that can be used is the AHDB Poinsettia tracker, administered and hosted by the BPOA.

Launched in 2020, in response to requests by levy payers to replace a valued legacy system, the Poinsettia Tracker had over 20 commercial users last year. These growers were estimated to be producing 1.5 to 2 million poinsettias with the assistance of this new software.

Compared to the previous system the system can be used on any device with a browser which means data can be entered onto a device such as a phone, in the glasshouse, as heights are being measured, improving accuracy and efficiency.

Feedback was very good and upgrades are in currently progress for a ‘northern’ growth curve and a multiple crop update function that allows the easy recording of actions such as PGR applications across a number of varieties at the same time.

“I’m finding the tracker very good, quick and easy to use”

Nick Nolan – Grower at Newey’s Batchmere Nursery in Sussex

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