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There can be many advantages to you, the gardener, also to your local retailer, garden centre, landscaper or council in choosing Home Grown plants.

Here are just a few:

  • Can be locally sourced for freshness
  • Fewer ‘plant miles’ helping protect your local environment
  • The growers are producing plants most suited to the local conditions
  • Plants that are already acclimatised to the local environment
  • Less chance of imported pests and disease
  • Helps support the rural economy and local jobs
  • Helps growers invest in better techniques and reduce environmental impact
  • Only the Home Grown logo assures that these plants have been grown-on by a skilled grower on a British nursery.

In the UK, we have a long and proud heritage of horticulture, plantsmen, and gardening.

From the great plant hunters, the institutions of the Royal Botanic Gardens and Royal Horticultural Society, our parks and gardens through to world renowned plant nurseries; Great Britain has always been a nation of gardeners.

That tradition continues today and by choosing Home Grown plants, you will help British horticulture to continue to thrive.

More about Home Grown plants

What is Home Grown?

question boyHome Grown is a labelling scheme or provenance mark, showing consumers that the plants are produced in the UK.

There is a wide array of producers from home and abroad and it can be difficult for a gardener who might want to select plants produced in the UK. There are many reasons why they might want to know where a plant is produced. When nurseries employ a logo, it is not always clear what values are attached to it. Does a Union Jack emblem mean that the plant has been delivered by a British nursery or actually grown on that nursery? What is the definition of locally grown? And when does a plant become defined as being grown on that nursery.

The British Protected Ornamentals Association, with the help of the National Farmers Union, South East England Development Agency and the Horticultural Development Council have worked together and, through market research, developed a logo and trade mark which has defined values and criteria to give reassurance to the consumer.

In March 2012 the brand was launched across the country. Now gardeners, landscapers, local councils and businesses will be able to know, that their supplier not only selected the best quality plants, but that they are also Home Grown.

More about Home Grown plants

FAQs – Home Grown plants

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– Are plants without the Home Grown logo inferior?
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– Are Home Grown plants more expensive?
– Does supporting Home Grown really make a difference?
– How can I be sure that a plant really is Home Grown?
– Is every Home Grown plant raised from material produced in the UK?
– Where can I find out more about Home Grown?
– Who can I buy Home Grown plants from?

Answers to these FAQs and more


Home Grown, Great plants, great growers

Home Grown, Great plants, great growers

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